Our Philosophy

An active/quantitative combination is superior
Over time, a combination of active and quantitative techniques can lead to consistently superior returns. Active management, coupled with extensive, well-grounded research, serves to enhance the alpha of our clients’ portfolios, while quantitative techniques enable us to better control the betas of the portfolios.

Analysis is paramount
Our portfolio managers are also well qualified research analysts whose job is to relentlessly scour the markets in pursuit of the best investments for our clients. Identifying such investments is their primary concern.

Yield is important
The maximization of total return for our clients is our focus. However, we recognize that over time yield becomes more important than short-term price movements. As such, our portfolios regularly out-yield the underlying benchmarks.

Fundamental value is pivotal
Markets sometimes price fixed income investments at levels that do not reflect their underlying value. This may very well have to do with the increased complexity of fixed income securities, or with human nature over or under reacting to fleeting events with less than rational behavior. On occasions, both situations can present fundamental opportunities.

Execution is critical in the fixed income arena
We realize the critical importance of execution; otherwise a good idea is wasted. We value securities and then work closely with multiple brokers and dealers to obtain an optimal buy or sell price.

Discipline is key
We are committed to, and never deviate from, our systematic and disciplined investment process, one that has been time tested in both up and down markets.